Saturday, 12 November 2011

Family Pizza Night

Who doesn't love the weekend?  I sure do.  There was a time (more years ago than I care to remember) when my evenings and weeknights were jammed packed with things to do, people to see and places to go. This was pre-kids when life was a little simpler and I could go wherever I wanted, whenever I wanted.

That's a luxury that I just don't have anymore.  I'm still busy (too busy some would say) but it's a busyness not of my own choosing.  My life these days revolves around chauffeuring duties to school, dance lessons, swimming lessons, football, ringette, skating lessons.......well you get the point - life is just busy.

That's why I love the weekend so much.  Sure we still have places to go and things to do, but we have purposely scheduled things in such a way that we still have time to do things of our own choosing.  I enjoy having the time on weekends to putter around in my kitchen and to take more time making dinner than I can during the week.

One of the things that I like to make is pizza.  I love pizza.  Make pizza you say?  Why would you do that?  Isn't it just simpler and more relaxing to just order in?  Of course it would be easier to just order in and we do that too.   Pizza conjures up images of parties, social gatherings and having fun.  Pizza on Saturday nights is also extremely nostalgic for me.  I grew up with pizza on Saturday nights.  It was always made the same way with the dough coming from that yellow box found in the pasta aisle.  I admit it - pizza at our house isn't always made from scratch, and when I'm feeling nostalgic or homesick, I will reach for that yellow box that I equate with security and happiness.  The memories of my childhood.

I loved helping my mom make pizza.

I loved spreading the sauce, sprinkling on the toppings, but mostly I loved sneaking that grated cheese when no one was looking.

Who's sneaking cheese now?
And now things have come full circle.  Except this time I'm the one doing all the chopping, and my kids are the ones sneaking the cheese and arranging the toppings in pretty patterns on top of the crust.

Making salad to go with our pizza
The circle of life - I love it.

Time to go sneak another piece - I think there's still some leftovers in the fridge ;)

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